Ray of Hope For The Disabled

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I was just going through the blog posts done by Poonam Sharma and in top posts I saw the following title “Ray of hope for the disabled” and I thought to read as I closely work with PWD. In that post she explains how she came across an article posted in reader’s digest and she portrayed it wonderfully. But there is still some thing missing I thought to my self. This happens only in those developed countries as I don’t see so much of awareness in Indian’s at least. I don’t mean all but most of them do not have basic sense of how to deal with PWD. The other day when I was trying to find a shop I saw a person walking with a white cane. I saw a well educated person helping him, but in a wrong way. Instead of catching his hand he is catching the other end of the cane and guiding him.

This is really pathetic the boy is using the cane as he cannot see and cane is his Eye’s and I see this person catching his cane instead of hand catching his cane. In fact he is not even guiding properly, if he can use his common sense for a minute he might have helped the visually impaired person well. A small amount of thinking makes lot of difference. So I request all, if you come across any visually impaired person don’t hold his cane for god sake, hold his hand.

Poonam’s blog post is here


PWD refers to people with disability.

I am going to make a case study of my experiences being differently abled and working with differently abled. That’s a new name given to Disabled group. It’s not they cannot do the work, but they do it in a different way.

Ideas can be stolen but not the brain

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After writing something about the blogadda and alchemist poonam I thought I will get back to my way of expressing and viewing the world. I was just recollecting what good took place during 2009 and how much better those happenings can be made. Like a lightening I remembered a quote “Ideas can be stolen but not Brain”. This I learned when I was working as a HR Consultant and my MD told this to me when we were discussing a Business plan. I have no idea what he meant, but today when I turn back and see my life as a business man yes he meant it. Couple of my ideas already exists. Will that stop me from thinking or will I have to learn something from those ideas; the answer is to learn from those ideas.

There is always a term called R and D. It’s not Research and Development, its Rip-off and Duplicate. If you can rip-off and duplicate the system and make it much better than what it is now you are a winner. People se the unique ness in a business plan all the time, but they lack to identify what efforts were put to write it, think about it, Research etc. Its time for me to start my business plan on a paper and try to make it much better day by day by adding value.

I say to myself I did not find a potential partner to start any venture. But today I am wrong I found them but not suitable. When I met any of my previous venture partners its only idea which excites them. There is a lot to start any venture. Some leave you in middle, some will Rip-off and duplicate the system, some tries to knock you out etc. It’s not a problem until you stand and keep the spirit alive. The brain has got an ability to think and generate ideas which worth, the only thing we have to keep in mind is to how we can do much better than last time and what we learned from those experiences.

I have done couple of ventures and I don’t say I am a failed entrepreneur; it is taking me many steps to make it work for me. The day I call I am failed I am dead in terms of thinking, executing, striving etc towards any of my goals. It happens with all say’s Karthik from Indiblogger.in. I felt why I all the time and today I teach never ask you that stupid question “WHY ME OR WHY I”. Its just learning’s which can teach me something but not frustration, anger, fear and sorrow. If any one just thinks like a Research Scientist and says “INTERESTING” for any small happening in life, yes we made life more easier, simplified and we have a precious gift called Peace which can be never stolen.

My next post is going to be on Mission, Vision and Values. I wanted to say how these there elements can run a successful Business. I am not going to continue the series in a row, so please watch for the posts and read which ever is interesting. When I feel like this must go on to my blog I write and post it, so there is no way I will follow a sequence. This is done to keep the freshness of my thoughts and yes in fact I may forget too, if I don’t write immediately.

PS…Some one asked Edison, you failed thousands of time during the invention of bulb. Edison laughed and replied saying it took so many steps to make this happen.

Blogadda.com Reminds me

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I was just browsing the internet and i heard of blogadda.com which bring all indian bloggers together under one roof. I thought to register my blog there and get a listing in their directory. I have no other intention or any interest in that website as i am fedup of registering in websites and making profiles, submitting links, photos, videos etc. The site is totally a different platform after i registered i understood there is a goldmine which i never explored.

I tried to submit my link in the directory but unable to process due to various reasons. During that course of time i tried to find how to get the rss feed only using my screen reader. Infact i was successful in a way, but still i was unable to process the submission. Later i thought i will quit and get away from that site, but there is a link which grabbed my attention “Interview with Poonam“. I was not interested at first but still i thought to give it a try. The interview was really good lot of new things can be learnt from it. Its her life, her views and her interview, but there is something which is addressing to the society and world. This is catchy and i thought to myself it was 3 yrs before i started my blog and stopped blogging too. There is this lady who is blogging and very successful.

I asked myself what is that stopped you from blogging Satish and the answer is lying in front of me. It was fear, shyness, my disability etc.

I was feared of people will laugh at my language. I was not good either in talking or writing english. I improved in talking, but there is a lot to learn. When it comes to my writing i have no clue today also. Some others have to give me a feedback.

I was a shy boy so that stopped me to blog about something which i liked. I thought when i cannot say it’s me who did this post, i thought its waste to blog.

My disability stopped me from blogging too. There is technology but there was no accessability of websites during that time. The advanced technology of screen readers is allowing me to post something now, but in those days i was not aware of how to use those tools effectively.

After reading the interview i understood that its not language which engages the reader but the feel and expression, how effectively we are delivering the message. I am sorry i don’t have the link of the interview, but you can google “alchemist poonam” and get it on blogadda.

Today i dare to make a mistake and learn from it.

What you can learn from this video?

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In this video Shanti Raghavan explains how solutions can be found and implemented. Even though the video talks about the hiring of people with different abilities a lot of learnings can be taken from this short video and can be put into daily activities. I would like to know what learnings my readers observed and after that i will put my views on this.

No idea if video plays or not as i am also a illiterate in these things. So let me try and learn this new thing.

Learning’s from the cab driver incident

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A good sunny afternoon Sunday is being passed. I thought to give some time for my blog and write what I will do if I am the person who is waiting for the cab. Don’t think I am going to put something positive over here all the time, its learning’s what matter to me but not positive or negative. I know there is lot negative incident in our life but what is that we do, we see the negative but we don’t look after the 1% of what good there is in that incident. That 1% is enough for us to think all good about it which will keep our senses with us.

So what are my learning’s?

I must inform my manager immediately and give the reason if asked. Don’t give the reason if it is not asked over the phone, you can do it after you reach the office.

Inform to any of your colleague with whom you work daily, so that he or she can backup till that time.

Don’t shout or talk angrily to the cab driver after you board into the cab.

Call the transport facilitator and find the reason for the delay, if it is not satisfactory take it to next level.

Don’t shout at facilitator saying I will take this to next level. This causes unnecessary tension for both parties. As that behavior is not accepted.

If facilitator answer is satisfactory reply saying that see to that this doesn’t happen next time and inform me before only, so that I can make my own arrangements.

Always be prepared to leave if cab is not turning on time and you have some thing really important to do at the office.

I tried to put as many as I can I am hoping to see some more learning’s from you all in the comments section. If the learning’s are good it will be included into the post. In fact you can learn like this on any activity or incident. Just try and tell me how you feel about it. My new website is being done and I am going to take the case studies like this from personal and professional life of myself, friends and anyone whom I feel something can be learnt from them. If you think some thing can be learnt from your life, do write comments to me so that we can catch up and after I interact we can make the case study.

PS…I am thinking how my reader’s will like to read these kinds of posts. Can I narrate like before post or shell I write learning’s and the incident? What ever make sense to my readers I will take it.

Learn Every Day….How Is It Possible

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Yesterday when I was traveling back from office I was thinking to myself, if anyone asks us “How was your day” we reply good, hectic or not so cheerful. But I see that people don’t try to see what are the learning’s that they got on that day, we take things for granted…….Yes its true we don’t observe the small changes either good or bad which happens in our life and move a head.

I use the term we as I see that majority of them don’t observe this, so I thought to put WE instead of I. This is from the perspective of few people and about few people who fall under this category. I would like to take an example and explain how things work psychologically if you don’t train your brain and mind power properly.

I was supposed to go to office at 1:30 pm and my cab picks me at 2 pm for what ever reason. So now I am in a situation where I am desperate of going to office and finishing the work fast. I am also frustrated and angry on the cab driver, but I cannot express so I am thinking of taking this to higher authorities. This is a general tendency of any one who is late or desperate. But in that desperation I forgot to inform my Manager that I will be late and will not be able to come for the meeting on time. So if anyone observes the situation our frustration, desperation and excitement has killed the basic sense or made me forget about basic work ethics.

So what is the solution and what are my learning’s for this situation, I must inform my manager that I will be late and if asked, give him the reason. Keep yourself cool and try to think from the point of cab driver and transport facilitator. If you can get into the brain and life of the other person it will be easy for us to understand any problem, situation and we can deal with it in easier way than what we did in the example.

A lot of learning’s can be taken from that example, so if people can put their comments and tell me what they learned I will be posting my thoughts and analysis on them.

This example is taken just for a study purpose and not intended to target any personal, group or company. I am not responsible as this is a basic thought process and is not taken from any individual or company and not intended to target any one.

PS…I have not forgotten of my upcoming Blog. It’s on its way and most of the things are ready.

Emotions kill the Business…Decision Making is Tough

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This is going to my extra ordinary case study in my upcoming blog. I am going to walk through a couple of case studies which will give a clear picture how a startup fails to build the trust, relation and act strategically. These case studies are taken out from other budding entrepreneurs and as well as my own experiences with some of the startups. The cycological analysis will be done from my point and warrior point of view, so that we try to understand scenario and take learning’s out of them.

These posts are not intended to target anyone indirectly and none of the names will be taken out here. The first case study is how a 22yrs old boy started off with a “Digital Media Marketing” company by partnering with couple of people and finally where he landed and what are his learning’s, what we can learn from it and how we can do much better than him. This is a case study is being narrated like a story and will walk through the complete history of How he met his partner and what happened with him and the company later”.

Couple of funny names was given to the characters so that we can hide the real identities, so that it doesn’t create any problem to anyone. Any questions…… put them in comments section; we will try to answer our best.

PS….. We are going to publish the E-Mail transactions between the Boy and the Partner, Company and who ever is involved for him to leave.